The Livnot Capital Campaign

Living up to our name, Adat Chaverim has nurtured a “community of friends” in North Texas that welcomes and values all Jews, and is dedicated to meeting their religious, educational, social and communal needs. At our congregation, Jews of all ages and backgrounds know they can be their most authentic selves and explore what it means to be Jewish in a supportive environment.  Anyone who is seeking a spark or inspiration, who has a desire to tap into the wellspring of Jewish tradition, or who yearns for the embrace of a Reform Jewish community will find a home at Adat Chaverim.

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Why now?

While we celebrate our past achievements, it is now time to focus on the next chapter in our congregation’s history. Our current space is a creative re-imagination of a former health club. Although we have done all we can to make optimal use of our strip shopping center location, we must now secure our own permanent home to:

  • meet the growing demand for a Reform Jewish presence in Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Allen and other parts of Collin County and North Texas,
  • better serve our religious school, and
  • foster an even more dynamic community.

That is why we have embarked on the Livnot Capital and Endowment Campaign to fund the purchase of land and the design and construction of a building of our own. In Hebrew, livnot means “to build.” It is up to each of us to be a catalyst for action to help build for our future.

A standalone building on our own property will enable Adat Chaverim to:

  • Grow further and fully take advantage of the influx of Jewish families to Collin County
  • Increase Adat Chaverim’s visibility and profile in the greater Dallas Jewish community
  • Have our own outdoor green space to enhance our worship and communal experiences
  • Possess adequate space for life cycle and large communal events
  • Have proper, state-of-the art classrooms to foster a better learning atmosphere
  • Offer a tasteful venue for the celebration of simchas within our community

To truly serve the wide variety of members and guests we welcome, it is vitally important to have a space that attracts and supports community members who wish to engage and participate. Our new home will provide a safe and sacred place for people of all walks of life to join together, strengthen their connection to Judaism, celebrate and learn. And, it will offer multifunctional spaces for maximum utility. Our new building will meet our congregation’s needs for generations to come, with inspiring, attractive and functional spaces that accommodate continuing growth and evolving needs.

Your Livnot meeting

Over the next few months, members of the Livnot Committee will be calling you to set up an appointment in your home. Remember, these are your fellow congregants, not paid solicitors, so please be receptive and make the appointment, even if you think you can’t give or you already know the amount of your gift.

Two or three members will visit with you for 45 to 60 minutes. They want to hear from you about your Jewish journey and the role Adat Chaverim plays in your life. They are there to listen and provide you with information about the Campaign and the many ways to make a pledge, not to cajole or twist your arm! You can make your pledge at the meeting, or—like most people do —you can take some time to think about it with your family, and then make your pledge at a follow-up meeting.

In the Torah (Exodus 25), God tells Moses to “accept gifts for Me [to build the sanctuary] from every person whose heart is so moved…” Notably, God does not tell Moses to impose a tithe or a tax. Instead, the gifts from the Israelites are to be  voluntary. Our role on the Livnot Committee is to help you to feel moved and to feel excited about our congregation’s future, such that you want to make a gift of your own free will to help do God’s holy work.

The time to invest in our future is the present

Adat Chaverim has an opportunity to become the center of Jewish life for North Texas. We—each and every one of us—have the chance to make a difference.

Help us support Adat Chaverim’s future. Invest with us in a sacred Community of Friends that connects us to one another and to our Jewish tradition. Join us in our Livnot Campaign as we connect to our past and to our Jewish tradition while building for an even brighter future.

Interested in learning more about the Livnot Campaign?

For more information about the Livnot Campaign, please email David Goldstein, Livnot Committee chair.