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Going to Shul is Cool

Adat Chaverim could be your new home.

Founded in 1987, Adat Chaverim is a Reform Jewish, URJ affiliated, energetic community in (Plano) North Texas independent, searching for meaningful ways to experience Jewish life and ritual in the 21st century.

Not too small, not too big, we are comprised of around 200 Families of all socio-economic facets of society.

Check out our diverse programs, spiritual, cultural and fun, you will find something to your taste.

Our thriving Hebrew school will get your child ready for his/her Bar/Bat Mitzvah and our extensive High School Program will take the Jewish learning of your child even further. It is up to you how to define your level of involvement.

We are curious about the customs and wisdoms of our ancestors, and with the world around us evolving constantly we open to creative ways of experiencing Jewish life.

We are hoping to give you a little plus in your life by making Jewish traditions, culture and spirituality accessible to you.

Discover the path of your Jewish heritage, or learn about the Jewish heritage – question, explore, be curious.

Tikkun Olam – the healing of the world is important to us. Remember Adat Chaverim means “Community of Friends” in Hebrew. We believe that all together we can make the world a better place.

This is an open invitation to you to join us in our ongoing work to shape a context for Jewish community that is joyous, meaningful, and relevant to our contemporary lives.

Curious? Intrigued?

Want to get to know us, contact our membership committee at, fill out an information request form, or call our office at 972-491-5917.